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Sharing My Stories: A Practice

"...if you feel called to write it, then it needs to be written." -Jen Morris I recently shared on Instagram about my pregnancy and got the warmest support + blessings + well-wishes from friends I made, in -person and online, across the globe. It made my heart full and gave me much more strength +… Continue reading Sharing My Stories: A Practice

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"be easy. take your time. You are coming home. to yourself." -Nayyirah Waheed "God I'm frustrated, ... but I TRUST you." "I think I like who I am becoming." My becoming made me lean into silence, slow and solitude. Silence is that beautiful sound that gets me deeper into my inner world that nourishes my outer world.… Continue reading Becoming

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Here To Stay + June & July Roundup

"We have to learn how to maneuver through those particular times of doubt and uncertainty and recognize them, remembering to be especially soft with ourselves and accept those moments for simply what they are - a chance to grow." --Marisa Anne "When a man takes one step toward God, God takes more steps toward that… Continue reading Here To Stay + June & July Roundup