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July on Instagram

“Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.” –Brian Tracy

Hello friend!

Here’s a mini-imagery-roundup of the past month. I chose five images from my Instagram feed to share here on the blog. They were randomly chosen by feelings 🙂 So, here we go!


Painting on my birthday is a must. My quiet time. Solitude. Thanksgiving. Celebration of this special, beautiful day…I have been doing this practice for 3 years already and loving it. I think, this is a practice of not only giving thanks but also an invitation to the Spirit/Creator/the Great Artist into my life. My way of practicing opening myself to receiving big, more, abundance, joy, love, and what is.


This is an artwork of my three-year-old ‘best friend.’ She comes to visit me once in a while and always have me remember that we are best friends. How sweet is that?! I remember on this day, I gave her a pen and paper to draw while I work on something, something that will pay the bills. And then suddenly surprised me with this portrait.  She said it was me! Well, all I can say is that she captured really well how I felt that day 🙂


This was inspired by what I was reading the day before I took this photo. It was Hugh MacLeod’s , Ignore Everybody:and 39 Other Keys to Creativity. A quick read to boost your ‘doing versus thinking or planning,’ creativity, ways of thinking and more.


An intuitive watercolor play as I sort of watch Daredevil, the series. The outcome surprised me 🙂


And finally, here’s the June collection of my 15 Minute Practice on faces. The girl with writings was pretty popular on Instagram. How about you, which one is your favorite?

Really, I’m grateful that we are living in a time wherein we are more and more encouraged to show our work, get support online if not available offline, in spite of those that brings us down…

On Instagram I practiced courage and continuously practice courage, every time I show up through my soul work, sharing pieces of me. It can be scary, yes. But know that somewhere out there there is someone just like you who needed a lift. And by being in the arena, showing up again and again and again, we are encouraging others to do the same.

I love that truth.

I love to know that somewhere out there there is someone just like me who is scared but is showing up. Keep trying. Sending out optimistic vibes. Through art. Through visual and written art. In whatever form of art. I love to know that there’s a creative collective energy all around the world, connecting you and me and her and him, vibrating love. I’m sure it is love.

I know it is love that connects us all.

Happy August to you!

love and light,





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15 Minute Practice: An Invitation

“Plunging into your day knowing that you’ve already made even a little bit of progress on the work that is dearest to your heart will improve your whole world.” -Sam Bennett


What happens

when I create something

for fifteen minutes

every single day of a month


of mini ART.

(Above: 15 Minute Practice, April Collection)

Join me this June for a 15 Minute Creative Practice for 30 days. All you need is:

♡ an open heart

♡ something you would love to do or something that you would love to TRY to do (doodling, dancing, crocheting, writing, collage, etc.)

♡ create or do it for fifteen minutes everyday of June

♡ document it with your camera phone

♡ and you may choose to share it on your Instagram or Facebook. We will use #15for30 and/or #15MinutePractice so we can find and support each other.

The practice is simple yet can be challenging so we will do it together.

Join in the fun? yes! or YES!!!☺

I’m looking forward to seeing your #15for30 and #15MinutePractice.

Connect on Instagram and/or on Facebook.

I will see you there!

With love,