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“Never forget: This very moment, we can change our lives. There never was a moment, and never will be, when we are without the power to alter our destiny. This second, we can turn the tables on Resistance. This second, we can sit down and do our work.”

                                                                                                –Steven Pressfield


Knowing resistance is essential in my pursuit of living a creative life.

If I have not known it sooner, I do not think that I will still be here writing; I will not still be here sharing my work, however terrifying it could feel most of the time when pressing that share or publish button; I will not be following or listening to my heart’s true desire nor follow my creative curiosities.

If I did not discover resistance, I might still be lost.

Lost, meaning, to be without an idea or thoughts on where I wanted to go and to be without the courage to dream big dreams.

For me, knowing resistance makes it easier and not easy to be.


>  when you are aware of resistance, it will point you into which direction you must go –hint: the opposite of what it says you have to do at the moment.

>  being aware of the existence of resistance is like half-winning the battle.

Not easy:

>  because resistance will always be there suggesting things that seem so urgent and so much easier to do other than the “real work” that I should be doing.

>  because resistance is ever present from my waking moment until my sleeping time.

Reflecting in all its trickiness, I have seen the brighter side of resistance.

Resistance challenges me to be diligent, devoted + committed pursuer of the path I choose –creative and meaningful living.

Resistance is the very thing that reminds me of what is my heart’s true desires.

Resistance brings out my resilience to the noise of the world, shut them out and do my soul’s work.

Resistance, after all, has its own-kind-of-gift for its ever presence.


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Loving Now

“Love only grows by sharing. You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others.” -Brian Tracy


I recently discovered 30 Days of Genius and really loving it! So much to learn from the featured guests like Brene Brown, Seth Godin, Elle Luna, Gretchen Rubin, Marie Forleo and MORE. Check it out now if you haven’t yet.

Love the truths, grit, love, vulnerability and hope on this story by Jennifer Albin of Soul Whisper Arts.

eBookapalooza organized by Samantha Bennet. Expires September 13!

Marie Forleo’s Love Warrior interview with Glennon Doyle Melton

and finally,

Susannah Conway’s interesting list of things that is worth checking out. I was really entertained with the 128 words to use instead of “very.”

Enjoy friends! Happy day to you 🙂

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July on Instagram

“Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.” –Brian Tracy

Hello friend!

Here’s a mini-imagery-roundup of the past month. I chose five images from my Instagram feed to share here on the blog. They were randomly chosen by feelings 🙂 So, here we go!


Painting on my birthday is a must. My quiet time. Solitude. Thanksgiving. Celebration of this special, beautiful day…I have been doing this practice for 3 years already and loving it. I think, this is a practice of not only giving thanks but also an invitation to the Spirit/Creator/the Great Artist into my life. My way of practicing opening myself to receiving big, more, abundance, joy, love, and what is.


This is an artwork of my three-year-old ‘best friend.’ She comes to visit me once in a while and always have me remember that we are best friends. How sweet is that?! I remember on this day, I gave her a pen and paper to draw while I work on something, something that will pay the bills. And then suddenly surprised me with this portrait.  She said it was me! Well, all I can say is that she captured really well how I felt that day 🙂


This was inspired by what I was reading the day before I took this photo. It was Hugh MacLeod’s , Ignore Everybody:and 39 Other Keys to Creativity. A quick read to boost your ‘doing versus thinking or planning,’ creativity, ways of thinking and more.


An intuitive watercolor play as I sort of watch Daredevil, the series. The outcome surprised me 🙂


And finally, here’s the June collection of my 15 Minute Practice on faces. The girl with writings was pretty popular on Instagram. How about you, which one is your favorite?

Really, I’m grateful that we are living in a time wherein we are more and more encouraged to show our work, get support online if not available offline, in spite of those that brings us down…

On Instagram I practiced courage and continuously practice courage, every time I show up through my soul work, sharing pieces of me. It can be scary, yes. But know that somewhere out there there is someone just like you who needed a lift. And by being in the arena, showing up again and again and again, we are encouraging others to do the same.

I love that truth.

I love to know that somewhere out there there is someone just like me who is scared but is showing up. Keep trying. Sending out optimistic vibes. Through art. Through visual and written art. In whatever form of art. I love to know that there’s a creative collective energy all around the world, connecting you and me and her and him, vibrating love. I’m sure it is love.

I know it is love that connects us all.

Happy August to you!

love and light,





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The Truth In My Maybes

“Quitting is fundamentally different from stopping. The latter happens all the time. Quitting happens once. Quitting means not starting again – and art is all about starting again.” -D. Bayles & T. Orland, Art & Fear


Hello friend!

It has been awhile.

I missed this space in the world wide web where I can share my story.

The truth is, after almost two years of having a blog, I am still having a hard time on what to share, what to write about, how to write it, and everything that has to do with blogging. I even had my share of taking a course on writing/blogging, with a heart. I even read books on writing (some quarter-read to half-read books). And yet, here I am, feeling stuck.

I think the word ‘stuck’ is somewhat overly used in the creative world.

I remember reading online or in a book wherein the artist shared his/her belief that ‘being stuck’ is no true. Not the exact words, but he/she said, “We are never stuck. We only don’t do or show up that is why we are feeling stuck.”

Makes a lot sense to me.

Guilty here.

Maybe, I was not writing as often as I should be to find my writing voice. Maybe, I am too afraid to be and look imperfect to publish something that is not as good as “what I know” good looks like or should be. Maybe because, I do not yet formed a system that will help me write + publish on a daily basis (and what makes me think that I can and should have already have a system before hitting the publish button). Maybe it is because I am the Procrastination Queen.

Maybe. Maybe. Maybe…

And in those maybes, I noticed, lies the answers.

If I change all the ‘maybes’ into ‘the truth is,’ then I know I will see where this long hiatus is coming from.

The truth is, I was not writing as often as I should be to find my writing voice. The truth is, I am too afraid to be and look imperfect to publish something that is not as good as “what I know” good looks like or should be. The truth is, I do not yet formed a system that will help me write + publish on a daily basis (and what makes me think that I can and should have already have a system before hitting the publish button). The truth is I am the Procrastination Queen.

Aaaaah, the answers…


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Happy Easter!

“Then came the healing time, hearts started to shine, soul felt so fine, oh what a freeing time it was.” —Aberjhani

Happy Easter!!!

I do know that Easter, for those who are celebrating this spiritual event, is more than the eggs and the bunnies, candies and chocolates, and games. But I do love how the practice of painting eggs, hiding it and looking for it has been adopted by my parents as me and my siblings grew up. Easter for us has never been complete without egg painting and hunting. To me, every year, this day brings happy memories of it.

Colored boiled eggs using non-toxic crayons and pens have always been fun to do! This year with siblings, nephew and niece.
Colored boiled eggs using non-toxic crayons and pens have always been fun to do! This year with siblings, nephew and niece.
Hidden eggs ready to be found by two cuties. Playing this year: my three-year old nephew and going-to-two-year old niece.

This year, it was such a joy to watch my niece and nephew put color and design in eggs with us. And instead of papa, it was me and my siblings who hid the eggs for our niece and nephew. Such fun to watch them hunt for the eggs with their mom! I know this is a new beginning of a part of our annual Easter celebration.

Again, Happy Easter to you!


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Grateful For Wednesday

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities to blessings.” –William Arthur Ward

A drop of gratitude:

♡ I am grateful for this beautiful messy life. It is joyful. It is happy. It can hurt. It can be a struggle. But I know it always and will always heal with love. It is just beautiful after all.

♡ I am grateful for finding inspiration in SARK. I discovered her a few years ago. She is like a rainbow(well Rainbow is part of her full name! Like really) I cannot ignore her. I know that there is something about this woman. There is something about her smile…Nowadays I am discovering her through writing, through her books. Absolute love. Many yeses in my reads… Her books are finding its way to me and I to them… You know her books is not so readily available here…Now, in celebration of life and love and lost love in physical form, she is gifting her and her husband’s latest book, Succulent Wild Love. Get your copy here…And do share if you are called to.

♡ I am grateful for the quiet solitary moments I can spend with me.

♡ I am grateful for knowing that there is a ‘power in not knowing.’ Not knowing where this big creative dreams of mine are going, not knowing what will my fiftten-minute practice will do to me or to my life, not knowing where exactly I will be in a few months from now, not knowing how to handle my being a landscape architect and painter and dreamer and introvert and etc. all at the same time, not knowing…It is a gift. And everything ends up with trusting. Just trusting to the Spirit. The Universe.

♡ I am grateful for the gift of this generation. How we all can be connected through this thing called internet. How amazing is that! That you can read my notes even when I am in Asia and you are in Europe or America or New Zealand…wherever! Isn’t it just wonderful? Our interconnectedness are so much so visible right now in this generation and I am glad and grateful to witness and be on this time on earth.

How about you, dear you? What are the things you are grateful for this moment? Go ahead. Think about them. Honor them. Acknowledge the many many blessings that you have right now… And together let’s give thanks for all of it. The big and the small. Especially the ones that are forgotten.