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July on Instagram

“Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.” –Brian Tracy

Hello friend!

Here’s a mini-imagery-roundup of the past month. I chose five images from my Instagram feed to share here on the blog. They were randomly chosen by feelings 🙂 So, here we go!


Painting on my birthday is a must. My quiet time. Solitude. Thanksgiving. Celebration of this special, beautiful day…I have been doing this practice for 3 years already and loving it. I think, this is a practice of not only giving thanks but also an invitation to the Spirit/Creator/the Great Artist into my life. My way of practicing opening myself to receiving big, more, abundance, joy, love, and what is.


This is an artwork of my three-year-old ‘best friend.’ She comes to visit me once in a while and always have me remember that we are best friends. How sweet is that?! I remember on this day, I gave her a pen and paper to draw while I work on something, something that will pay the bills. And then suddenly surprised me with this portrait.  She said it was me! Well, all I can say is that she captured really well how I felt that day 🙂


This was inspired by what I was reading the day before I took this photo. It was Hugh MacLeod’s , Ignore Everybody:and 39 Other Keys to Creativity. A quick read to boost your ‘doing versus thinking or planning,’ creativity, ways of thinking and more.


An intuitive watercolor play as I sort of watch Daredevil, the series. The outcome surprised me 🙂


And finally, here’s the June collection of my 15 Minute Practice on faces. The girl with writings was pretty popular on Instagram. How about you, which one is your favorite?

Really, I’m grateful that we are living in a time wherein we are more and more encouraged to show our work, get support online if not available offline, in spite of those that brings us down…

On Instagram I practiced courage and continuously practice courage, every time I show up through my soul work, sharing pieces of me. It can be scary, yes. But know that somewhere out there there is someone just like you who needed a lift. And by being in the arena, showing up again and again and again, we are encouraging others to do the same.

I love that truth.

I love to know that somewhere out there there is someone just like me who is scared but is showing up. Keep trying. Sending out optimistic vibes. Through art. Through visual and written art. In whatever form of art. I love to know that there’s a creative collective energy all around the world, connecting you and me and her and him, vibrating love. I’m sure it is love.

I know it is love that connects us all.

Happy August to you!

love and light,





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Here To Stay + June & July Roundup

“We have to learn how to maneuver through those particular times of doubt and uncertainty and recognize them, remembering to be especially soft with ourselves and accept those moments for simply what they are – a chance to grow.” —Marisa Anne

“When a man takes one step toward God, God takes more steps toward that man than there are sands in the worlds of time.” —The Work of the Chariot, The Artist’s Way


I am out for a late lunch. I am having a pesto + greens + a cup of Sri Lankan green tea. I am enjoying this time alone with me.

I imagined this day earlier…

I would be in a quiet place. A coffee shop. I will sit there, eat, dream, write and read a good book. Aaaaaah, purr-fect…

But wait, so much so of the day dream!

Here I am, happy and feeling at peace. I am not in a quiet place. The background music is loud. And it’s pop. And I am writing. I can write. That is unusually me. Because I love silence, especially when writing. But I am writing. So, this is good thing 🙂 And I will keep doing so.

Hello friend! Thank you for waiting, for staying with me. Well, I am here to stay. That is the good news and so much more 🙂

These past two months had been a whirlwind of possibilities, joy, overwhelm, risks, anxiety, worry, excitement, happiness, exhaustion…name it! It has been really a crazy two-month-rathon over in my life. It was not like any before. I plunged into a place called unknown. I did it! It was scary, but I did it. It was crazy, but crazy is beautiful, so YES to CRAZY!

To round it up…

This June:

+ I launched a challenge over at Instagram. It was called 15 Minute Practice. A month-long/ a 30-day challenge to be creating/doing something that you love to do, for you, for at least fifteen minutes a day. All participants are invited to share their work or moment by capturing it with their camera phone and sharing on Instagram or in a private group I created over at Facebook. This practice of mine started on the 1st of November 2014 in response to the Art Everyday Month challenge. And May of this year, I thought why not invite some of my friends and Instagram friends to join me. So I did. And I’m glad I did it after all the resistance and fear that comes with the idea. For me, however small was our group, it was a success! It makes me happy and fills my well of joy 🙂

+ I posted almost(because one week of the month my internet connection had a problem) everyday on Facebook! This was BIG. I am not the type that keeps my FB account updated about the latest in my life + I do not log into my FB ever so often to upload pictures and/or check out the latest in my friend’s life. It’s just not me. But if that is you, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against that practice. For me, it is just a matter of choice. So, we’re okay, okay? 🙂 The thing is, I posted daily not on my public feed, but with my 15 Minute Practice fellows over at the private group I created 🙂

+ This month is my last in the CORPORATE. Talk about an immediate head that is so generous, supportive and understanding, last-minute phone calls + emails, project turn-overs, packing things to home, questions like: why will you leave?, goodbyes to dear friends, and so much more in between. It was exhausting and overwhelming…physically, emotionally, and mentally.

This July:

+ Began the month reading some books that had been waiting for me to be read. One of which, and was an easy read but full of insights: Ignore Everybody. I love it already just by its main title.

+ Endless meetings + tasks to do with several friends, separately, to whom I gave my word for help once I left the corporate; all landscape architecture related. This was the crazy thing. Taught me a lot on saying yes and no: when, what, who.

+ So this is freelance?…I created a short portfolio about me and my background as landscape architect. I am keeping my job. This will pay my bills 🙂

+ I was offered a good position on a friend’s starting company that I did not said yes or no. But instead offered to help when I can for now.

+ Watched Daredevil series with my love; seasons one and two. I wasn’t seeing the whole thing though. It’s too much for me. Not really a fan of battle fights and blood – oozing. But I love the story. So I listen and looked. And really admired the story line, production, acting, cinematography…I was even able to paint a piece that was loved while sort-of-watching the series.

+ I got engaged! and it was the hilarious-kind-of-engagement!!!

+ I began the practice of Morning Pages.

+ Celebrated my 33rd birthday 🙂

+ I was featured in the Radiant issue of The Phoenix Soul Indie digital magazine. Weeee!

+ Some more project-opportunities care of landscape architecture.

+ Last July 29 to 30 I had literally stay-up for 24 hours and more just to finish and deliver the project I am working on with a friend. Just the two of us. Talk about dedication and persistence 🙂

+ July 31, I painted my day away.

Whew! These was all part of my two crazy-month-rathon + everything in between life, love and making art 🙂

Truth is, I thought I would be spending a month-long lazy days by July: painting MORE, reading, writing, sleeping, blogging(yes! I thought about this)… but again, the Universe works in mysterious ways. However, when I come to think of it, and I mean just now, I realized I asked for these things: help to sustain the flow of money energy and more once I leave the corporate. And gosh, it was given. In multitudes. Oemgeeeeee this is it!!! It is for real!

So, the challenge here and now is how will I organize my thoughts and to-do’s now that I am out of the structured day-to-day life while working in the corporate; now that work will come from different set of people, even different avenues; now that I have the freedom (wow, just writing that word feels powerful…freedom) to really design the systems + structure of my everyday; now that I can design my day to give time to paint some more…gosh this is big…I mean REALLY big and new and unknown…so please stay with me. Because I am here to stay.

GRATEFUL. Grateful. GRATE-FULL for it ALL!!!Thank you Holy Spirit.

with love and big, BIG grate-full heart,


Above: Mixed-media on 9″x 12″ paper, 300gsm. Day 18: 15 Minute Practice

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Grateful For Wednesday

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities to blessings.” –William Arthur Ward

A drop of gratitude:

♡ I am grateful for this beautiful messy life. It is joyful. It is happy. It can hurt. It can be a struggle. But I know it always and will always heal with love. It is just beautiful after all.

♡ I am grateful for finding inspiration in SARK. I discovered her a few years ago. She is like a rainbow(well Rainbow is part of her full name! Like really) I cannot ignore her. I know that there is something about this woman. There is something about her smile…Nowadays I am discovering her through writing, through her books. Absolute love. Many yeses in my reads… Her books are finding its way to me and I to them… You know her books is not so readily available here…Now, in celebration of life and love and lost love in physical form, she is gifting her and her husband’s latest book, Succulent Wild Love. Get your copy here…And do share if you are called to.

♡ I am grateful for the quiet solitary moments I can spend with me.

♡ I am grateful for knowing that there is a ‘power in not knowing.’ Not knowing where this big creative dreams of mine are going, not knowing what will my fiftten-minute practice will do to me or to my life, not knowing where exactly I will be in a few months from now, not knowing how to handle my being a landscape architect and painter and dreamer and introvert and etc. all at the same time, not knowing…It is a gift. And everything ends up with trusting. Just trusting to the Spirit. The Universe.

♡ I am grateful for the gift of this generation. How we all can be connected through this thing called internet. How amazing is that! That you can read my notes even when I am in Asia and you are in Europe or America or New Zealand…wherever! Isn’t it just wonderful? Our interconnectedness are so much so visible right now in this generation and I am glad and grateful to witness and be on this time on earth.

How about you, dear you? What are the things you are grateful for this moment? Go ahead. Think about them. Honor them. Acknowledge the many many blessings that you have right now… And together let’s give thanks for all of it. The big and the small. Especially the ones that are forgotten.


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Hello March + Thank You February

“For today and its blessings, I owe the world an attitude of gratitude.” –Clarence E. Hodges

15 Minute Practice: February Collection

Thank You February

We all have goals and plans to do for a certain period of time. But sometimes, however we wanted it to be, it just didn’t happen. In blogging and in life, my February is just like that. After all, there are still so many things to be grateful for that is worth celebrating. Here are some of the thousand things:

♡ this love month inspired me to write a love poem. Which gave me an idea to invite a friend to write poem with me, throughout the remaining days of the month that lasts until this day. Everyday, just for the weekdays, we alternately assign a prompt of the day and write about it. It was fun!

♡ for researching the story behind Valentine’s day: the king, St.Valentine, the daughter of the prisoner’s guard and the love letter. From then on, I will see Valentine’s in a whole new way + that it is more meaningful because it’s my sister’s birthday too.

♡ for my books of the month: Eat Mangoes Naked by SARK, The Crossroads of Should and Must by Elle Luna and Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert

♡ for being able to visit my relatives, on my papa’s side, in Ilo-ilo.

♡ for the love  and appreciation I receive for courageously sharing my soul’s work which immensely helps me to keep going.

♡ for the support I receive in my artworks; for the buyers and commisions.

♡ for the leap day!

♡ for the creative practice and the discoveries along the way.

♡ for keeping up with the practice while my dayjob gets so demanding.

Hello March

Found, while strolling to buy plants one Sunday morning with my love. I thought, “If only I can take this home, I will.”

Another month has just began. Many doors to infinite possibilities are opened. Challenges will surely be present. And winners too!

March reminds me of graduations, recognitions and the early taste of summer. For a few years now, this month also reminds me of the end of: the first quarter of the year(which I never looked at that way before); the month I discovered and got inspired to have a Big HOPE-full heart to live a creative life and own a creative biz, that it is possible; a month to pick myself up and be gentle with me wherever I am in this journey of living a creative + authentic life; and to remind myself to have courage and be brave and to trust the journey.

I have big hopes for this month. I am hoping it is the same with you. Just in case this might help, I would like you to know that I am still working on my 2016 planning workbook. I’m still planning my year. And it is okay. It is truly okay. We all are a-work-in-progress. We just have to know that and own it. You and me a beautiful+messy work-in-progress☺ We can do this together!

Wishing you all the best this month,





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Grateful for 2015

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past , brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” —Melody Beatt


For a few years now, I had been choosing a word for my year. I was inspired by the practice of many creative women who had been doing it for so long. To me it serves as a guide, an inspiration, and something to look forward to on how it will manifest in my life.

Last year, instead of one word, I had three. I just felt like it and so be it☺ My heart whispered these, and so I followed. The words were: Flourish, Magic, and Miracles. True enough these words manifested in my life in so many ways. And I am grateful for all of it.

This last day of the first month of the new year, please allow me and join me to celebrate as I look back on (some) things I am grateful for the past year. I want to celebrate with you, because your support made all these things possible. So to begin, thank you, thank you, to you!

And here’s some more:

♡ Seeing Pope Francis in January with my loved ones and a million more Filipinos. Such an inspiration of kindness and compassion and a beautiful way to start the year.

♡ For being chosen to be interviewed by university students as both an artist and professional for their Art Studies finals project.

♡ For being a featured artist on Rainbow Love Greetings app.

♡ For being able to join in the 2015 Right Brain Business Plan Summit hosted by Jennifer Lee. Being extra involved and taking action by sharing my takeaways on the current lesson had me won a signed copy of her latest book.

♡ For being able to join in the #giftinggrace challenge and won a copy of my first ever Bella Grace magazine.

♡ For being announced as the winner of a book cover painting contest on Easter Sunday.

♡ For the gift of life and love and art and turning 32. For designing my day to make it extra special and memorable and beautiful with people I love.

♡ For my first ever Art Journal Workshop together with Airees Rondain of Airees Creates.

♡ For being unwell for two months. Loosing my voice due to cough and fatigue and inexplicable reason. Yes, I am grateful for these days I spent at home, at hospitals, and some other places. These days had me read lots of books, spent lots of quiet time and naps, and most of all, rekindled my watercolor love affair.

♡ For your support on Instagram where I am mostly active.

♡ For the release of the book that featured my art on its cover; made me an official book cover artist!

♡ For the growth and discoveries due to my fifteen minute practice.

♡ For taking part on painting some rooms of children with cancer. With hopes of bringing a little light on their face.

♡ Forvthe launch of Roa’s heArt. The collective store of me and my siblings’ works and handmade products.

♡ For being one of the artists at the Quirino exhibit hosted by Ayala Museum.

♡ For being invited along with my sisters to apply for an exhibit in one of the prominent galleries here in Manila.

For all of these and a thousand more; the big and especially the small things, I am deeply grateful.


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Hello 2016

“Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering ‘it will be happier’…” –Alfred Tennyson


Dear friend,

How was your New Year so far? My hope is that you are having a blast already☺.

And if not, know that it is okay. It is okay… If you are still getting the feel of it, it is okay. If you are still adjusting, it is okay. If you are (a little) overwhelmed, take your time to take it in, it is okay. It is okay.

Here, take my hand.

Maybe you are just like me, still on the process of dreaming and planning this big shining year that has already began. Just like me, still organizing my thoughts; feeling a little afraid being left behind… Then if so, let us remember this, ‘Courage,dear heart'(C.S.Lewis).

Have courage.

Together let us hope for a beautiful, abundant, bright, and joy-filled year. Together let us trust in the infinite possibilities embracing us in this very moment; waiting to be noticed, to be heard. Together let us have faith to the Great Artist that co-creates with us, our very own designer. Let us believe. Let us love. Let us do the work.

In other news, I am back full time in my day job since the 4th of January as landscape architect. Six times a week, a warrior commuter+employee. Seven times a week, a warrior creative+girl+everything in between.

To keep my creative flame on fire though, I still keep up with my fifteen-minute practice, daily; planning and dreaming in between; designing a life i (will) love each day. That is how I roll these days. And I am grateful for every part of it; the big parts, especially the small parts; the challenges, the confusions, the rewards; the sadness, the joys. All of it.

Your turn now. Tell me if you must, what are your hopes for this leap year? How do you want to feel? How can we support each other?

with love + hopeful heart,


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Grateful for Wednesday


“…love is the most stable, reliable, and trustworthy condition in the universe. When nothing else lasts, when nothing else is true, there is love.” –Bob and Melinda Blanchard, Live What You Love

Few of a thousand things to be grateful for today:

For the book, Live What You Love. For an easy to read book. An inspiring story. And lot’s of notes to remember to live the life you love.

For the unexpected errand(s). It always add a little spice and warmth in my day.

For the cloudy, drizzly, light windy day.

For my flowering plumbago. They gave a different tint of color to my world.

For love. For love never fails to win. Always. Always.