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Pattern Fascination

“The world is endlessly fascinating to those who take the time to look.”  ― Marty Rubin  Oh, I love patterns! It's one of those things that can make me pause and notice design, shape, color, and motifs. If I'd trace back what and who had been my biggest influence with this fascination, excluding my intuition, it… Continue reading Pattern Fascination

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Invitation: 15 Minute Practice

"Inspiration comes and goes, creativity is the result of practice." --Phil Cousineau Hi friend, This is an invitation to EnCOURAGE the Curious Creative in you. Practice your creative muscles even just for 15 minutes throughout June and see where it takes you. Join me as some friends as we explore, get curious and do the… Continue reading Invitation: 15 Minute Practice

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Creating Freehand Pattern

"You must love the process of creating. And not just the end result. And especially not the affirmation." --Jenny Lee, I began my 15 Minute Practice painting and painting and painting faces like my ife depended on it. That was for the first and second year of the practice due to my fascination with faces.… Continue reading Creating Freehand Pattern