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Releasing 2017

“Dear Past, thank you for all the lessons. Dear Future, I am ready.” -Anonymous


2017 hmmm…was a wildly joy-filled year… and messy. Yup! It was both joy-filled and messy, I repeat 🙂

Who does have an all glittery, well-balanced life anyway? I don’t know about you, but I haven’t met one yet.

It has been a year full of changes + transitions in my life. Which means I used up lots and lots of courageous muscles all year long, exercised them well. It has been wildly stretched, my dear! Also, lots and lots of conversation with fear. Asking fear lovingly to move back sit time and time again whenever fear insisted to drive. We’re learning to get along.

Four major things that must be celebrated:

  1. Bravely launching ARD Studio, a landscape architecture firm that helps pay the bills, put food on the table and fund my art + creative curiosities and adventures. If you haven’t known yet, I am a practicing professional landscape architect by day. And in July 2016, I officially left the corporate and worked freelance until the conception of the studio in January 2017.
  2. Getting married!…In a very simple and intimate way with our immediate families only.  I know our true friends are happy with the choice we made. They know how crazy I am and I’m grateful to have them 🙂
  3. Landing a book illustration (+design + layout)project!


4. Conceiving for the first time!


For a year, I was totally swimming in the unknown. Woaaah! I just realized that.

The truth is, it was a very FULL year. Wildly-full like: my  love and I were still hustling a few(2) days before Christmas Eve, we almost miss celebrating Christmas Eve with my family due to an emergency, attend to wake + funeral stuff for a loved one (my love’s side) the day after Christmas until the 30th of December and finally, gladly and gratefull fought for a lovely and simple celebration in our humble abode, on the last day of 2017, for New Year’s Eve.

It was that wild.

Now I need most of January to reflect and plan the year ahead.

Thank you 2017, I release you!

How about you? Do you have any practices or rituals that you do in order to celebrate and release the past year?

Please do share in the comment below. I would love to hear your story.

Sometimes, even if we wanted to take a few days of silence, to slow down and relax, things just happen to shake it up, no?


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