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Pattern Fascination

“The world is endlessly fascinating to those who take the time to look.” 
― Marty Rubin 


Oh, I love patterns! It’s one of those things that can make me pause and notice design, shape, color, and motifs. If I’d trace back what and who had been my biggest influence with this fascination, excluding my intuition, it would be the Architectural Digest‘ printed magazine my mama had brought to our home which I grew up with.

My mama is not an architect or an interior designer just so you know. All she has is the love for beauty and design (okay, maybe not even design, haha!).  However, for me, it is all we need, love, to be able to affect someone or something. In her case, it’s love for beauty. And it had a lasting effect on me, although unconsciously, especially later on with my college education preferences.

I do not think my mother even know that her choice in the past to buy a bulk of second-hand design magazines will have an impact on her children like it did to me. What I know is that she just wanted her kids to have access to the things she had seen to be loved by people she looked up to. And maybe there’s just something about it that she feels in her heart that would somehow make her dreams for her kids a reality.

It’s the little things I believe. Sometimes, things that go unnoticed and we do not have any clue what is. To a mother though, it’s a different story. Hmmm, now I feel the need to ask my mama!

In other news, designing patterns had been playing big in my thoughts since late last year.

When I discovered that there is such a thing called ‘surface pattern designer.’ And that is a profession. And many women are making a living out of it, I was like, OH WOW! and a bit of jealous. Juuuust a little bit. And just like many creatives, I want to dip my toes into it right away! Swooosh! I wanted to learn how to do it and started dreaming and dreaming. I forgot the doing. HAHA!

No, for reals, I just do not know what to do about it. Until it dawned on me that I just have to put the DO in Just Do It. 

First, I did my research. Googled. Hello, jealousy, again. Now it’s Found out how-tos on You Tube and blogs + online courses.

Now that I have my initial resources, I need to make time. This is where the challenge stepped in. I had numerous reasons not to do it especially now that I am a freelancer by day + I have my #15MinutePractice daily.

Anyhow, when I came upon an invitation to win/apply for a full scholarship in a pattern design course, I did what I can.

The first one was a week long challenge to share patterns in response to the daily prompts shared by the host and teacher.

I failed.

The second was to submit two patterns that we personally designed and answered few questions to go with it. This application pushed me to work on what I have researched online. Put to work what I can and did the best pattern I can, which I loved, and submitted it. I remember how I was still working on my first patterns the last week of the year 2016 until December 31. I was so proud of myself to have finally created and designed patterns from freehand to digital to the final JPEG pattern tile for submission. I was rooting for myself to be picked!

I waited for a  month for the announcement.

I failed.

But, what I love about these experiences was that I finally made myself to begin designing and exploring surface pattern design. What’s more is that I made my first designs and been using the new found skill and fascination to some of my projects that needed lively texture.

I was not disheartened.

I am not disheartened. Actually, I am more eager now than ever to keep on learning and exploring and see where my fascination with patterns will take me.

Above is a freshly designed pattern I made inspired by a recent project.

Since my first try on designing patterns, nothing seems to change with my preferred subject matter, which is nature.






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