gratitude · illustration · poetry

Messy Beginnings

august 6

Loving the silence

of Sunday


The soft tropical sunlight

of August,

the soothing sound of rustling leaves,

the graces in the messy beginnings.

Here it comes.

Here it comes.

The time to slow it down.

To be grateful.

To be free.

To do nothing at all.



Dear friend, I hope you are having a lovely Sunday. And if lovely is far from your day’s description, try and look at whatever it is that you are at, from a different angle. Most likely than not, you will find something to be grateful for.

Here’s another truth, you and I, however far apart we are, we are never alone in our joys and struggles. Someone somewhere out there feels the same way we do. May we always remember that.



The illustration above is from a recent collaborative project I am working on with five bards. More on that story soon.


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