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Hello 2016

“Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering ‘it will be happier’…” –Alfred Tennyson


Dear friend,

How was your New Year so far? My hope is that you are having a blast already☺.

And if not, know that it is okay. It is okay… If you are still getting the feel of it, it is okay. If you are still adjusting, it is okay. If you are (a little) overwhelmed, take your time to take it in, it is okay. It is okay.

Here, take my hand.

Maybe you are just like me, still on the process of dreaming and planning this big shining year that has already began. Just like me, still organizing my thoughts; feeling a little afraid being left behind… Then if so, let us remember this, ‘Courage,dear heart'(C.S.Lewis).

Have courage.

Together let us hope for a beautiful, abundant, bright, and joy-filled year. Together let us trust in the infinite possibilities embracing us in this very moment; waiting to be noticed, to be heard. Together let us have faith to the Great Artist that co-creates with us, our very own designer. Let us believe. Let us love. Let us do the work.

In other news, I am back full time in my day job since the 4th of January as landscape architect. Six times a week, a warrior commuter+employee. Seven times a week, a warrior creative+girl+everything in between.

To keep my creative flame on fire though, I still keep up with my fifteen-minute practice, daily; planning and dreaming in between; designing a life i (will) love each day. That is how I roll these days. And I am grateful for every part of it; the big parts, especially the small parts; the challenges, the confusions, the rewards; the sadness, the joys. All of it.

Your turn now. Tell me if you must, what are your hopes for this leap year? How do you want to feel? How can we support each other?

with love + hopeful heart,



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