Blood Moon Inspired

photo 3

“There’s only one thing in life,and that’s the continual renewal of inspiration.” –Diana Vreeland

“Don’t waste time waiting for inspiration. Begin and inspiration will find you.” –H.Jackson brown Jr.

Here in Manila, although we were not able to witness the Total Lunar Eclipse that happened between September 27 and September 28, I am still over the moon knowing about this event. I still feel so excited!

Blood Moon Eclipse are rare. The last Super Full Moon was witnessed in 1982. I was not yet born that time. And this Super Full Moon eclipse will not happen again until October 8, 2033. That’s 18 years from now! wow! People in eastern and central areas of the United States and Canada are so lucky to have the best views of the moon. I wonder how that feels. As for me, I don’t even had a glimpse of the moon tonight. It has been cloudy in Manila with light rains and wind since yesterday. However, inspiration is inspiration! My art before bedtime is Supermoon inspired.


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