15 Minute Practice||Osho


Last night’s fifteen-minute-practice for the 15 Minutes Faces project. Last night at my parent’s home. Last night with my sisters around. Last night on this round yellow rattan table. Last night over some water and crunchy cookies. Last night just being loose. Last night practicing letting go. Last night with my non-dominant hand. Last night using blue Col-erase pencil, 0.8 Artline felt tip pen, and 4.0 Artline calligraphy pen. Last night the practice continues.


Here’s a book by Osho. Part of the series, Insights for a New Way of Living. I’m glad to have found this book. Had a glimpse of this on the highest part of the bookshelf while wasting some time in a second hand bookstore. Seeing the word ‘Joy’ in it, I cannot help but check it out. When I saw the entire book cover, I know this book I have to take home with me. So I did. Later on I found out that the painting in the cover was painted by the author. The more I loved the book. Anyway, if you loved the book, New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, then maybe you will love this book too. I think this series of books are part of its predecessor. Osho’s insights are bold. It is straightforward and challenges the way you think, the way you live and your beliefs. Recommended reading for spirituality, conscious living, awareness and the likes.


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