Grateful for Wednesdays|Last 100 Days of 2015


“Gratitude is the heart’s memory.” –French Proverb

5 of the Thousand Things I Am Grateful for Today:

  • for Marie Forleo’s inspiring interview with Elizabeth Gilbert for Big Magic.
  • for learning about the Big Magic podcast while looking up at Big Magic book photos at Instagram. I loved all the interviews but especially loved Brene Brown’s. I was just so happy to know that Liz interviewed her and they are great friends 🙂 That was the first interview I listened too by the way 🙂
  • for the entertaining-curious-cat friends I have.
  • for the Studying Under the Masters e-course, an eye-opener.
  • for my new budding Zamioculcas Zamia(ZZ Plant) at my creative table.

Last 100 Days of Year 2015

“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” –Psalm 90:12; Bible, Sacred Scriptures of Christians and Judaism

“Life is short. Our days are numbered. Our lives are limited. Life can pass extremely fast.” –Robert D. Smith

This morning as I checked my email, I’m glad to found Dawn Z Bournand’s newsletter entitled, “Life is Good, Make It Even Better – 100 Da…” It was cut like that because I was viewing it using a tab. I was curious, opened it and found out today marks the first of the last 100 days of the year.

I don’t know, but numbers has a certain pull in me. Maybe it is because everyday of our lives we encounter numbers. Our lives here on earth is based on numbers, time is numbered, dates are numbered, when we buy something it involves numbers, etc. Sometimes we are just too tired or we had just enough of it, the numbers that can be associated with us. May it be financial, age, date, height, weight, what not. Because many of us, unconsciously, associated numbers with negativity where many of our limiting beliefs were rooted.

But the good news is that we can unlearn the limiting beliefs we have with numbers and use it instead as a tool to move forward, dream big big, take action and make everyday of our precious lives count.


By looking at numbers in a whole new way.

Yes. Just like that.

And by seeing numbers in a positive and helpful way. With a gratitude attitude, numbers can be our greatest ally to create the life we love and want now.

That’s why I am so excited because:

  • I found out about that today marks the last 100 days of the year. Because usually my 100 days count is the 100 days before Christmas 😀
  • I am energized to make these last 100 days an action-packed days/productive days
  • I know there are people somewhere out there that is just like me, counting the last days of 2015 by taking action each day for 100 days to do something or give time for that something that really matters to me, doing something I really love to do.

At the same time scared because:

  • my 99 things to-do-list for the year is not yet half-way checked
  • there are so many things I wanted to do
  • I have online courses that has not finished yet and some not even started
  • and so on

But then again I will remember to:

  • slow down
  • go gently
  • remember this is not a race. Reminds me of this,“it is not a sprint. it is a marathon.”
  • honor rest, have at least 7 hours sleep every night

And so I will.

Anyways, these might be of help to you and guide you with your last 100 days:

Let’s do this together! Go us!


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