Grateful for Wednesday

Here are a few of the thousands I am grateful for today:

For making it on time in my day job.

For having enough space in the van this morning to day job.

For the awareness + consciousness practice.

For a productive work day at my day job in spite of a stiff shoulder going to the neck and a sore throat.

For having a few friends who really loves me.

…and some more

For the joy-filled launch of my first ever Art Journal Workshop with Airees Rondain last Sunday.

For all the lessons learned in preparation, during and after the workshop.

For the new friends + support we had because of listening to the whispers of my heart and following the whispers to teach and share art making/creative practice.

For the surprises and gifts and blessings that showered and showering because I dared greatly.

For the love received.

I am forever grateful for choosing to live brave in spite of all the noise that is everywhere; all the resistance that kept showing up before, during and after.

Forever I am grateful for choosing to give in spite of all the doubts, criticism, and everything in between that was and is trying to stop me to shine.

Grateful for it all.


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