15 Minutes Faces


“Do what you can. With what you have. Where you are.”

I think one of the keys to really stretching my creativity is by having less. Less materials. Less time. Less space. And by working with the less that I have, I found parts of me. I created and gave birth to some parts of me that I did not know I have or I will ever have. Something that I never thought could exist. And that could come from deep within me.

Of course, the work is not mine alone. I believe that it came from a collaboration of the Greatest Creator and my willingness to be an instrument. It is about trusting the urges I feel towards creativity and being a maker, a creator. Just like the Great Creator. Following what my inner child ask of me to be. To do.

Tonight, I played with some of my new friends😊 Some Cotman watercolors, a Stabilo marks-all pencil and a Pentel water brush! Oh how I love to have them. I am so happy to have finally met them in person. We will have a lot of knowing-each-other session. And I know, in no time I will get comfortable with them joyfully. Just like the friends I have grown with for quite sometime. For now, I will just be here to celebrate, appreciate and feel the strangeness feeling I have whenever I have new friends. I think this is all part of the growing stage and opening up myself to receiving.

I’m really happy I can recognize clearly this feeling now.

How about you? Do you have this ‘strangeness’ feeling when you held a new material or tool for the first time?

The art above is part of my yearlong project, 15 Minutes Faces. If you want to see more of this project, check out my Instagram account. I would be happy to have you drop by.


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