Art Journal Workshop

“Nothing great is produced suddenly.” — Epictetus

“There are no stronger enemies than patience and time.” —Leo Tolstoy

This post is a little bit late. And you guessed it right, fear gets in the way.

I noticed that when a dream appeared in my head, a beautiful dream that I want to give life to, fear wakes up suddenly. It whispers to me. It makes the cotton candy colored dream gray. It brings me down. Saying, “that dream is so big. You think you can make it real?!Noooo. You’re too frail. Too sensitive.” It gets even louder and louder as soon as brick by brick the plan to do the work is executed.

That is how fear works. With me.

But by recognizing and acknowledging fear, and doing the work in spite of its presence, I believe its noise can be lowered. Just do the work. Show up and paint. Show up and write. Show up and dance.

and so i gather strength

from deep within me 

from the Great Spirit

i seek assistance to

those who came before me

their wisdom 

my tool

my shield

for the battle

the battle of becoming myself

Happy Announcement!

“The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming  yourself.” —Anna Quindlen


Join me and my art friend Airees as we launch our first ever LIVE Art Journaling Workshop! Probably the first of its kind here in Manila.

> If you want to infuse color + art in your journaling.

> If you want to  jump start your art journal practice.

> If you are ready to be open to play, mess, and healing through art.

> If you want to know how we do it and why we keep one

> If you know why you should too

Then maybe, this workshop is for you.

Please know that: Slots are limited. Early bird registration is happening now until August 15, Php 2000 only(Philippine Peso).

All materials included. All you need to bring is your lovely self.

For inquiries, email us at artjournalph@gmail.com

Let’s write and make art!

See you there!


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