Grateful for Wednesday

“Treat that dream in your head with respect and understand the urgency of it.” —David Hieatt

Today I am grateful for:

the sound of the rain and thunder

the big big dreams I have. it is scary, but I will dream big anyway

the new friend I had. her name is Rachelle. I met her last Friday during my daily train commute from the day job to home. I have been seeing her a couple times before we finally chose to speak with each other; together with a friend of mine who happens to be an office mate and also my long-commuter mate😊

the pressure in the day job + the support and advice I got from a few friends in the corporate world. on how I can handle the pressure + demand. and they could even made me smile + laugh. a reminder to not take things too serious

the drops of creative dreams coming true with faith, commitment, dedication, courage, silence, and love. always love (will be sharing something exciting soon here on my blog. it is a little bit late. but late is better than never! I’m a big believer of this. and an example?😊)

the collaboration concept. it reminds me of this famous quote, “if you want to go fast, go it alone. if you want to succeed, go with it together.”

the doors of possibilities that is opening up in every direction

the books

the paints

the colored pencils

art journaling. who started this practice?

kindness smiles and laughter

for my younger sister’s 25th birthday😊

what about you? it’s your turn now. what are you grateful for today? write it down. read it after. pause for awhile. and don’t forget to celebrate.


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