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Grateful for Wednesdays

new earth

“…while they were looking throughout their lives for a more complete sense of self, what they were really looking for, their Being, had actually always been there, but had been largely obscured by their identification with things, which ultimately means identification with their mind.” –Eckhart Tolle

“Many people don’t realize until they are on their deathbed and everything external falls away that no thing ever had anything to do with who they are.” –Eckhart Tolle 

Few of the thousand things I am grateful for:

For Eckhart Tolle’s book, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.

For the progress in our preparation for the upcoming Art Journal Workshop.

For meeting and dining with a new set of people.

For the safe trip home of my parents.

For a friend who happily send me images of books she had found and know that I would love.

For the Craft Inc. book I found surprisingly at Booksale! Whoa!

For launching Gratitude Week and keeping at it.

Here are just but a few things I am grateful for. Now it’s your turn! Think of five things you are grateful for today, this very moment and savor it. Celebrate.

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Gratitude Week/Day 2: Gifting Grace

gg“Infuse your life with action. Don’t wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future. Make your own hope. Make your own love. And whatever beliefs, honor your creator, not by passively waiting for grace to come down from upon high, but by doing what you can to make grace happen…yourself, right now, right down here on Earth.” –Bradley Whitford

What is Gifting Grace?

It is a month-long creative outpouring of gratitude introduced by Shutter Sisters. Inspired by Bella Grace Magazine, the newest publication of Stampington & Company, a magazine that caught my heart. For a month, the participants are encourage to capture grace-inspired images to share and dedicate to fellow sisters.

When I read about the invitation, I told myself that I am joining. Then I thought, what is grace anyway? How can I gift grace?

What I love about this photo sharing circle is that it happens on Instagram. What’s more is that by joining in gifting graces, we get a chance to win a copy of the beautiful Bella Grace Magazine! Just a side note, this publication caught my heart the very first time it was launched. Just by looking at it and knowing its contents by Blog Hopping to the virtual journals of the contributors. So for me, this is my chance to finally have a copy! However, before I can even post my first photo, my mind interrupted saying,

“You’re not a photographer. You don’t even own a decent camera.”

“Take a look at the gallery of #giftinggrace on Instagram, you don’t belong there.”

But in spite of hearing her speak, my inner self know that I am part of this. I was drawn to it. And I fell in love with the gifting grace idea, that I cannot let this pass. I know, I have graces to share. And I know I can gift graces too. I remembered, practicing courage, and so I did.

BG magazine

In the end of the second week that I practiced courage + gifting grace with sincerity and love, I magically received a gift of grace myself. My photo was chosen and I got my first ever copy of Bella Grace Magazine! My heart swelled with gratitude as did the Shutter Sisters because when we circle in grace, miracles happen.


Gratitude Week: Day 1

In my day job last week, an office mate interrupted our conversation all of a sudden to tell me that she saw a drawing of mine in my Facebook. She said, she loved it and that she wanted to place two of my works in her bedroom. I was blown away. I don’t even know how to respond. But I was smiling. I feel like the river of joy flowed through me. I know she felt it too, on the other line. We are having our conversation over the phone by the way.

Shortly after our conversation, I sent her a message via email. Thanking her for sharing how she felt and her interest in my works. I told her how deeply I was touched. And that it was such an honor to have my work loved by her.

It did not end there though, my office mate returned an email and told me she’s got goosebumps and that she looks up to people who paints (or maybe express themselves creatively). She ended her missive saying that she would be buying a bigger piece in the future for her living room and that she’s already starting to save.


I don’t have words to describe how I felt reading those words even at this very moment. That message. I felt like I was on the outside witnessing the exchange of words. I wonder what it is that I am feeling. I know I am not just happy. I was not just excited. I think I am not excited. But I think I felt what peace is like.

At that moment, I just wanted to reflect on what is happening.

I’m thinking,

“So this is how it works. Collaborating with the Great Creator feels like this.”

“This is not just my work.”

“I am just an instrument, producing a melody. Doing, creating, giving birth to the inner light that is already deep within me.”

I wonder,

“So, I don’t even know how to react when someone show admiration of the work that came through me?”

What is this feeling?

What is this kind of situation?

Am I over thinking? Why don’t I just enjoy it and be grateful?

Yes! Why not!


15 Minutes Faces


“Do what you can. With what you have. Where you are.”

I think one of the keys to really stretching my creativity is by having less. Less materials. Less time. Less space. And by working with the less that I have, I found parts of me. I created and gave birth to some parts of me that I did not know I have or I will ever have. Something that I never thought could exist. And that could come from deep within me.

Of course, the work is not mine alone. I believe that it came from a collaboration of the Greatest Creator and my willingness to be an instrument. It is about trusting the urges I feel towards creativity and being a maker, a creator. Just like the Great Creator. Following what my inner child ask of me to be. To do.

Tonight, I played with some of my new friends😊 Some Cotman watercolors, a Stabilo marks-all pencil and a Pentel water brush! Oh how I love to have them. I am so happy to have finally met them in person. We will have a lot of knowing-each-other session. And I know, in no time I will get comfortable with them joyfully. Just like the friends I have grown with for quite sometime. For now, I will just be here to celebrate, appreciate and feel the strangeness feeling I have whenever I have new friends. I think this is all part of the growing stage and opening up myself to receiving.

I’m really happy I can recognize clearly this feeling now.

How about you? Do you have this ‘strangeness’ feeling when you held a new material or tool for the first time?

The art above is part of my yearlong project, 15 Minutes Faces. If you want to see more of this project, check out my Instagram account. I would be happy to have you drop by.


Art Journal Workshop

“Nothing great is produced suddenly.” — Epictetus

“There are no stronger enemies than patience and time.” —Leo Tolstoy

This post is a little bit late. And you guessed it right, fear gets in the way.

I noticed that when a dream appeared in my head, a beautiful dream that I want to give life to, fear wakes up suddenly. It whispers to me. It makes the cotton candy colored dream gray. It brings me down. Saying, “that dream is so big. You think you can make it real?!Noooo. You’re too frail. Too sensitive.” It gets even louder and louder as soon as brick by brick the plan to do the work is executed.

That is how fear works. With me.

But by recognizing and acknowledging fear, and doing the work in spite of its presence, I believe its noise can be lowered. Just do the work. Show up and paint. Show up and write. Show up and dance.

and so i gather strength

from deep within me 

from the Great Spirit

i seek assistance to

those who came before me

their wisdom 

my tool

my shield

for the battle

the battle of becoming myself

Happy Announcement!

“The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming  yourself.” —Anna Quindlen


Join me and my art friend Airees as we launch our first ever LIVE Art Journaling Workshop! Probably the first of its kind here in Manila.

> If you want to infuse color + art in your journaling.

> If you want to  jump start your art journal practice.

> If you are ready to be open to play, mess, and healing through art.

> If you want to know how we do it and why we keep one

> If you know why you should too

Then maybe, this workshop is for you.

Please know that: Slots are limited. Early bird registration is happening now until August 15, Php 2000 only(Philippine Peso).

All materials included. All you need to bring is your lovely self.

For inquiries, email us at

Let’s write and make art!

See you there!


Grateful for Wednesday

“Treat that dream in your head with respect and understand the urgency of it.” —David Hieatt

Today I am grateful for:

the sound of the rain and thunder

the big big dreams I have. it is scary, but I will dream big anyway

the new friend I had. her name is Rachelle. I met her last Friday during my daily train commute from the day job to home. I have been seeing her a couple times before we finally chose to speak with each other; together with a friend of mine who happens to be an office mate and also my long-commuter mate😊

the pressure in the day job + the support and advice I got from a few friends in the corporate world. on how I can handle the pressure + demand. and they could even made me smile + laugh. a reminder to not take things too serious

the drops of creative dreams coming true with faith, commitment, dedication, courage, silence, and love. always love (will be sharing something exciting soon here on my blog. it is a little bit late. but late is better than never! I’m a big believer of this. and an example?😊)

the collaboration concept. it reminds me of this famous quote, “if you want to go fast, go it alone. if you want to succeed, go with it together.”

the doors of possibilities that is opening up in every direction

the books

the paints

the colored pencils

art journaling. who started this practice?

kindness smiles and laughter

for my younger sister’s 25th birthday😊

what about you? it’s your turn now. what are you grateful for today? write it down. read it after. pause for awhile. and don’t forget to celebrate.