Grateful For July



for my 32nd birthday celebration in many ways.

for being chosen to be interviewed by university students for choosing to live my life creatively: full time day job + making time and space for art

for the developments in the project Airees and I are working on. revealing this to you really soon 🙂

for the streams of possibilities flowing in my life, love and art.

for meeting new people online and real life: inspiring, helpful, and supportive.

for being brave enough a year ago to sign up and create my blog😊 it so happen that it is Grateful for Wednesday today and I have to visit my blog and there it is, a greeting for making it for a year😊 I know there are SO MANY things to learn. but today I would like to celebrate and thank my July 2014 self for choosing to practice courage.

what are you grateful for? don’t forget to celebrate especially that littlest thing😊


Thirty Two


today I celebrate life

with the wind and rain

gray clouds and thunder

with paint and pens and pastels

with canvas and stamps

with my botanicals

with myself

making marks

making imprints

discovering what is

just flowing

whatever comes up

I follow

I listen

I lay it down

left and right hands unite

now that I’m thirty two


Full Moon Art


“Her cycles change, her symbolic representations change, but in essence, she does not change.” — Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Women Who Run With the Wolves

i looked up and saw her beauty. the full moon tonight. hazy. bright. beautiful. it hides behind the feathery clouds. that moves like the water in the ocean. the moon. like a pearl. i can spend a night just gazing at her. would be lovely with someone i love. but would just be as perfect in solitude.

i went home with a joyful heart. the moon. she is the reason. i feel lighter in spite of the full day of work. i feel beautiful. just because.


my 15 Minutes Faces of the day was inspired by the full moon. she is inspired by the heavenly bodies. the moon is her friend. she loves more than the moon and back. she is love.


Mandala Making


what is the best way to end a month? now I know how. to found a treasure unexpectedly! on the other hand, it reminds me to find treasure in everyday… expectantly.

yesterday, I found a bunch of flowers. on top of a rock. as if it was cut and picked for me. thinking about it makes it so magical.

it was mid afternoon. I bent down to pick the flowers. I know for sure what to do with it. turn it to a nature mandala.

a sunflower. a mussaenda. pale pink and green leaves. a red spanish beauty. oh what a lovely combination!

i love this practice of mandala making. there’s something about it that brings inner joy in me. peace. i love this practice of leaving a little art gift anywhere, for someone to find. I love this movement art abandonment,from where that little art gift idea came to be. I love this practice of kindness, that connects all these practices.

above is that beautiful mandala I created and left as a way of giving back. as I open myself up to receiving. receiving those beautiful flowers. I also left some more petals on top of the rock. where I found them. in case, someone found it and thought of adding another layer of love in the little art gift.

that made me smile. thinking about it. the ripples of love. of kindness. from nature. to that someone who left those flowers for me. to the one who will find my gift. and to another. until the gift goes back to nature. the cycle continues. it never stops. like love. like kindness. it will never stop. I believe it will never stop.