Love For All Things Visual


Love who you are. Embrace your beautiful self. You are beautiful. You are beautiful. You beautiful you.

One of the things I adore is illustration. I can spend hours just by looking at artists illustration. Especially that which includes botanicals, patterns, flowers, birds, words, animals, bees, butterflies, etc. I am drawn to it. I am being pulled to it. The beauty. The meaning. The colors against white. The ones in full color. I just love them all.

I don’t know, maybe it’s my love for paper and stationeries and boxes growing up has something to do with it. I never get tired of loving paper. And never get tired of loving color and flowers and those cute illustrations I’ve seen in stationeries that made me bought it or dreamed of having it. But not to forget books. I believe growing up with books especially those with illustrations planted in me that love. Books helped me or awaken in me my love for all things visual and beautiful at a very young age.

Now I feel like I am tracing and seeing and remembering through the little crumbs of memories that come flashing in my head just thinking about illustrations, my where, when, why and how I am so drawn to these things. My ‘what’ being illustrations, flowers, botanicals, and paper.


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