Art Before Bedtime


Tonight, I played with watercolors for my 15 Minutes Faces of the day. The final touches were done using gel pens and black felt tip pen. Lastly, I applied a dark watercolor background, Payne’s Gray.

This is my art before bedtime. This is a daily ritual. A gift to myself. To play. To create. To do something I’d love to do and gives me joy.

That is less than half an hour with me.

Maybe you can gift yourself too. That something you’ve been dreaming of doing if only you have enough time. That something  that keeps coming back to you. That something that you would do even if you won’t get paid doing it. That something that you loved to do when you were five.

Maybe a few minutes every Sunday. Maybe for ten minutes every weekend. Maybe for a quarter of an hour. Just maybe, every other day.

Believe me, it will nourish you. Your soul. Your body. Your mind. Your spirit. Believe me, you’ll keep coming back for more. Believe me, you know you would love that time. That moment. Believe me, it will create magic.

I wish my friend that you had a wonderful weekend. No matter how ordinary it may look and feel like. Believe it is wonderful.

Remember, nothing is ordinary.


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