This Is Tuesday

fire tree

in the morning of my Tuesday…

time to begin.
i successfully let go of which that needs to go.
i feel ready now to take in more blessings
and start to do my work for today.
i am glad,
i am lighter.
and to write this way.
i feel at home.
i feel being me.

in the late afternoon…

i stared blankly at the window
lit by the setting sun
past through the water plants
my friends
in the corporate world

i see beautiful white clouds
with gray tones
and dancing tree crowns.
i see the blue sky
imagining a vast sea
of dream
of magic
of miracles.

and then a concrete box.
a building.
looking like a cage
of thousand birds.
it is stiff.
it is white.
it is lifeless.

i fell silent.
i think.
i write.
to you.

in the cumulus clouds
i can see an elephant head
stretching its long muscular trunk
as if singing a song.
now i can see a polar bear
white and big
leaning back.
now it is like a horse
the head of a horse.
and then a dinosaur with
a big tummy.

clouds are fun to look at.

and now a cute puppy.

they are all leaning back,
as if about to lie on the soft clouds of love.

i now see a unicorn.
with wings.
with small candy corn(horn).
it is adorable.
it is amazing.


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