Oh June

“I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June.” -L. M. Montgomery

oh it’s June, it’s the first day of June. the last month of the second quarter has just began. what will June 2015 bring into my life? what miracles and magic? i want to savor all of it.

this month i want to live more. consciously. expectant of miracles + magic. i want to live. paying attention to the details of everyday. the simple things. the things i mostly get unnoticed. i want to look at things, see things with fresh eyes. like a child. like my niece. marveling in his world, full of wonder. filled with admiration. amazed. in awe. fully. alive. happy.

this month i want to live silently. speaking softly. especially to the people. in the common places i go to day by day. i want to live the days quietly.

but of course, laughter is always welcome.

i want to live and listen. i want to pay attention to what she says. he says. i want to hear. clearly. i want to understand. i might not understand. and it is okay if i don’t. but still, i will listen. intently.

this month i want to do more. to be productive. to not miss a day to write in my gratitude journal.do something crazy. do something i’m afraid of doing. do something i think i cannot do. i want to live. and be brave. i will practice courage. day after day. night after night. i will not be afraid. and i might be afraid at times or many times. but that is okay. i will not let fear stop me. i will know fear. i will name fear. i will pay attention. and so i will know fear. i will be aware of its presence. i will see fear. and that is okay. i will just do the work. and do some more. and let fear be fear.
this month i will blog. i will let the song in my heart be heard. i will write. i will not stop. i will give. i will share. i will put in effort. to something i have never done before. to something new. to something i’m inexperienced. i will be brave. i will have courage in my heart. i will face the fear. the fear of imperfection.


i will see beauty in imperfection.
magic in ordinary.
everyday miracles in the simplest forms.

it will be all good.
it will all be amazing.
it will be blessed.
it will be joy – full.

and i will grow.
in love.
in peace.
in joy.


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