As Best As I Can


“I have no idea where I’ll be in five years or what my dreams will be tomorrow. I’m just working on all of my dreams today as best as I can.” – Alexa Meade

I just love the days when I have more than a quarter of an hour to paint, or collage, or draw, or doodle, or all of the above.

The piece above started out as my 15 Minutes Faces of the day. I continuously built up the layers with paint, pens, pastels, and washi tapes intuitively. Making marks. Until I finally feel it is done. She’s the ‘veiled girl.’ A new series of girls that I started working on since yesterday. The idea dawned at me in the middle of the afternoon while at my day job. Like a miracle. Just like that. And then I hurriedly made a sketch to capture the vision. Did the work that night, that sparked another one today.

So this is it, I will keep on working on this Veiled Girls series until a new one says hello.

Oh how it always amazes me to see what can be done and produced with daily creative practice.


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