Win Small Win


This morning

I woke up

in love

with the sunlight, bougainvillea and the tweeting birds.

The birds, they sang to me. Wake up dear one. We love you. Rise and shine. Shine ever so brightly. We are waiting. Waiting for you, love.

The sweetest song I am hearing right at that moment. I smiled. Got up. And said a little prayer. For I am grateful for the beauty and joy that is showering down at me.

I faced my table for my morning pages when I heard the familiar voice, whispering.

It tells me about how small I am from the other people.

It tells me that I am not enough.

It tells me that I should stay in bed and sleep and dream bad dreams.

It tells me to shut up.

Just like that, the beauty I am seeing slowly fade away. I should play small. I should walk away. I should be in bed on a nightmare.

But the voices didn’t know that my heart is brighter than the neon pink paint in my basket. It didn’t know that I love winning small wins everyday. It didn’t know that I am practicing courage. It didn’t know I pray… always.

This morning I won my battle to do the work and show up. Today I win small win. And that is okay than not.

(For the art above, I used: old book, Titus Fine colored ball pens, acrylics, and old card for scrapping.)


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