Blog Day Thursday

imageBlog Day Thursday is here to help me commit to blogging at least once a week in a way that is good and friendly for me. Hopefully this could get me my mojo in doing so. I commit to post anything: a work in progress, new artwork, a flower, a heart surprise, a poem, thoughts on things, etc. to just begin and be seen. To practice courage. To dare greatly. To see rainbows and unicorns and mermaids and fairies.


3 Things: Starting the Year Inspired, Educated, Motivated


Hello friend!

Here are some things we can do to start the year.

1) FLOW: 30 Day Journal Project  by Lisa Sonora. This one has started already since January 1. But journaling does not have to start only during the first day of a month or a year, I believe. You can start anytime. You can start today, alongside me. Find all the details here. It’s FREE!

2) The Thriving Artist Summit 2015 happening now. The guest line up is awesome. We will be listening to the likes of Tamara Laporte, Lisa Congdon, and Lilla Rogers to name a few. Hurry! let’s listen, learn and get inspired together. Sign up here. Listening is FREE for a LIMITED TIME.

3) Becoming: The Unfolding of You is an 8 week study to find our true identity with Christ. You only have to create an account at Jeanne Oliver site. And once your in, you can check out the list of courses offered and join the Becoming course.  If you feel called to join you can sign up here for FREE. The first lesson is up at this moment.

So there you go! These will keep us inspired, educated and motivated as the year begins.

Let’s do this together.

Go us!