3 Things to Keep YOU & ME Inspired

    AEDM 2014 by Anab

The three things:

1. Art Everyday Month (AEDM 2014) hosted by Leah Piken. Discovered this challenge back in 2012. But then my thoughts of being right, being perfect, and being ready crept in. I was crippled. I know it was fun. My heart feels called to join. I read about it. Researched what it is about (although it is very obvious with its title alone). I am so new to all of these. I felt small. I cannot do this…2013 arrived. I was excited. I know and I am familiar with this challenge. I feel ready. I kept a note on what to do or sketch in a day for 30 days. Then I started. After that, I only kept looking on what I wrote, my plan, my direction for the month and I cannot keep up. November 2013 passed. I wished I could have been better than that…Today, with courage, persistence, commitment, and joy I am stronger than who I was yesterday. Here I am. Showing my work out there. Vulnerable. Brave. Faithful. Hopeful. Grateful.

2. I like how he describes himself: a writer who draws. I’m talking about Austin Kleon. Listen to his latest chalk talk at Confab EDU in Atlanta. This is for someone who: needs a boost in confidence, a push to show up, people like me who is fearful to be seen, someone who wanted to learn, are thinking twice if they will buy and read Austin’s book(s), have read Austin’s book(s) and want to hear and watch him speak, wanted to know him somehow, is reading this. It is time sensitive. We only have 2 weeks to watch the video streaming then it is gone.

3. 10 Giveaways. 10 Days. by Carla Sonheim. I love Carla. I love her quirky, playful style. I want to have a copy of her books. It’s not available from where I am. But she has a new art kit. I can win one of those. Yehay!!! and you can win too! how’s that for a treat? heee! check out her blog for details.

So, there it is my love. Let’s do this together, shall we?



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