Listening Lately: Unlock Your Creative Genius


Hello dear!

Today I launch, Listening LatelyThis series will feature different events, videos, etc. that I currently listen to. I will be sharing links and ways on how you can listen to it too. I will share reviews or overviews or maybe just the link at times, whatever I feel called to at the moment. But what is important in this series for me, is the gift of sharing 🙂

So for the very first time, here’s what I am listening to lately: Unlock Your Creative Genius and Get Paid for it, hosted by Rosine Kushnick. The interview series started October 15 and concludes on the 27th. If you feel called to listen to this, go ahead and check it out while it is FREE 🙂

Happy listening! and may this series help us unlock that genius inside you and me.

HOORAY!to our creative genius,